Raw Materials



PAN (Permanent Account Number) – AAGCM0109H TIN (Tax Identification Number) – 14920044185

IEC no (Import Export Code Number) – 1409002012 CST (Central Sale Tax Number) 14920040246


Main objectives:

To enter into contracts with, and take up indents from the Government of India and the State Government in all their departments and other subsidiaries and branches and for many agency or officer thereof, having the necessary powers, for fabrication,manufacture, assembly and supply of goods, materials, articles and equipment to every description and to arrange for the performance of such contracts and indents by subcontracting them to, or placing orders in respect thereof with concerns dealing with small Industries or others for the fabrication,manufacture, assembly for supply of goods materials, articles or equipment or parts thereof, or servicing or processing in connection therewith or such managerial services as may be necessary for the due performance of such contracts and indents and to have the goods, materials, articles and equipment fabricated, manufactured, assembled and supplied.

To carry on the business of dealers in hardware and tools of lla kinds, engineering articles, ferrous and non-ferrous mental-ware, cutlery, hardware materials for buildings, small hand tools, wires, nails, spikes, locks, keys, knives, scissors, spoons, container cycle and cycle parts, electrical appliances,brassware,glassware, bricks, tiles, and ceramic articles, plastic, furniture,carpentry goods, leather and leathers goods, cardboard and cardboard goods, and plywood articles, sports goods, surveying and drawing and mathematical instruments, surgical and scientific instruments,miscellaneous chemical goods, cane goods, fiber goods, carpets, mats, ropes, tattis, taps, disinfectants, polishes, brushes, brooms, bamboo goods, twine, wicks, glue, coir and coir products nets, tents, poles, ladder, tarpaulins, umbrellas, dolls and toys, handloom fabrics and yarns, chemicals and dye-stuffs and articles pf all kinds and descriptions forpersonal, domestics, office and community use and consumption, the foreign list in this claus being only illustrative ans not exhaustive

To manufacture, buy, sell, import, export, install, work and generally deal in any plant, machinery, substances, tools, materials, goods or things of any description which, in the opinion of the Company may be conveniently dealt with by the Company in connection with any of its objects.

To carry on any other trade or business whether manufacturing or otherwise, which may seem to the Company capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company’s property or rights.

To open emporia or sales depots for sell of products of small scale Industries & other Industries.


Important Trade Partners:

  1. Steel Authority of India Ltd.
  2. TATA  Steels Limited
  3. The Cement Corporation of  India Limited. (CCI)
  4. The Satyam Industries

 Staff of Raw Materials Department:

  1. Manager  (Raw Materials)
  2. Deputy Manager  (Raw Materials)
  3. Staff Officers (Raw Materials)
  4. Grade IV

Any trade enquiry may be mail to manidco@yahoo.com